Pushing Through Loss of Identity with Jeff Harmon

We’ve all faced experiences where who we thought we were — or wanted to be — doesn’t work out for whatever reason. And this is, oftentimes, when most people have nervous breakdowns or spiral out of control.

Whether it’s losing your physicality after an injury, being diagnosed with a disease or losing a job you have had for 10-plus years, pushing through that unexpected loss of identity can be challenging.

While Jeff Harmon couldn’t pinpoint a “magic moment” for his identity shifting back to rediscover his purpose, after a difficult conversation with his wife, he realized that how he leads matters and that it’s not all about him.  

“I was full of crap, and here's why. Because I'd stand on stage or I'd stand in front of a group of leaders and I'd preach. I talked a good game but I can remember the conversation with my wife, she said, ‘you teach about this stuff, but you don't do it here.’ I teach it, talk about it, coach it, but I wasn't fully living it.”

For Jeff Harmon, the underlying element is fear. Fear of failure, of being embarrassed, of looking inferior because they don't have the answers.

Fear stops people from stepping into a new way of thinking about how they lead and how they show up. We live in a crazy world and unpacking where fear is showing up in your life and how it is holding you back is a constant, ongoing battle.