Ever Felt Like Dropping a F-Bomb? Well, It’s Not What You Think

We all want to drop a f-bomb at some point in our day...but what if we instead decided to drop a Molly McCoy F-Bomb...a Flower Bomb??  

What if we shared a bouquet of flowers with those we love?

I am so fired up to introduce you to Molly McCoy. She is the Founder and Chief Flower Bomber of Flower Bombers, a Denver based start-up that is off to DISRUPT the online flower delivery industry. She is also the Co-Founder of T-Squared, a National Search Firm specializing in placing top-line talent in three functional areas: Sales, Marketing and General Management. And, she is the CEO and Founder of HR-Q, a national search firm specializing in introducing small, emerging businesses, and Fortune 500 companies to high caliber HR professionals.

When she decides to move, she moves! I had a blast with Molly and can’t wait for you to hear her story. Check it out below!