We Are Back!

We are back! The wait is over! Welcome back to The Mental Toughness Podcast! It has been a few years since our last episode, simply because our priorities shifted a few years ago. But, one thing I noticed is how much I missed talking about Leadership and Mental Toughness, because these are the two ingredients that can make your life at home and work absolutely game changing. And we HAD to get the podcast rolling again! In today’s episode, I am going to talk about what we “stand for” at Matt Phillips Coaching and Pro Athlete Advantage, and also what we “stand against”. Check out this episode to learn what gets us fired up and we hope, if you are like us, that you are able to join us! As always, please check out www.mattphillipscoaching.com/membership for info on becoming a Member of the High Performance Leadership Membership…because we are here to grow you as a leader and a person! We hope you join us today!