How to Have Unbelievable Grit and A Beautiful Mix of Grace To Take on Your Biggest Challenges. You must meet Amberly Lago!

You are going to be blown away by the story of Amberly Lago, and that’s why I’m so excited to have her on the podcast today.

One unexpected event changed everything for her, and what she learned is powerful. As a personal trainer, wife, and mother, Amberly Lago was living the California dream until it turned into a nightmare in May 2010. As she rode her Harley down Ventura Boulevard that breezy, sunny day, Lago was hit by an SUV, throwing her thirty feet down a busy street and shattering her right leg.

Months in the hospital and 34 surgeries, along with plates, pins, and sheer will eventually spared Lago’s leg and severed femoral artery, despite the initial recommendation to amputate. However, as a sexual abuse and divorce survivor, Lago determined to save not only her leg, but her career, her dreams, and her dignity. This Texas girl at heart dug deep to find the hope and faith needed to face her life’s greatest challenge.

Amberly’s unwavering commitment to regain her active lifestyle of training clients transformed her tragedy into victory and she motivates her audiences to find resilience in their own difficulties. She is a fierce advocate for others who suffer from CRPS and proves that any challenge can be overcome by the support of others as well as a determination and belief in oneself. Amberly is an author, speaker, and all around amazing person.

So, how do you connect with her? Well, here’s a few ways:

Enjoy this interview!!

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