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Elevate Your Performance To
The Elite Pro Level

So You Become THE Stand-Out Leader, Get that Promotion, and Climb the Ladder Quickly!


 A Monthly High-Level
Experience To

Elevate Your Performance To
The Elite Pro Level

So You Maximize Your Results 
(While You Take Back Your Time)


Let's Be Honest For A Minute

  • You're a high-achiever who is good at what you do, yet you feel like you have much more to give and are meant for more
  • You have¬†a huge desire to advance in your career and as a leader, and you know it's time to do what it takes to make it happen
  • You have been listening to podcasts, reading books, and maybe a class or two from your company on leadership, but you know it's finally time to train the RIGHT you¬†elevate your¬†confidence, focus, emotional control and energy, ready to lead!
  • You're tired of feeling lonely and want to surround yourself with other like-minded leaders (and THE coach) to talk about the REAL stuff that happens when leading a team!¬†

In Other Words:

You are ready to elevate to an even higher level as a leader in your organization.
A place where you stand out from everyone else and get the opportunities that no one else does.
To experience peak performance, while still having intentionality and purpose behind all you do - and while being present for the people that matter most in your life. 

Here’s the thing - to experience this as a leader in your career and life - it takes a different approach. A different way of thinking. A different way of taking action. 

If you have been in a leadership position for more than 24 hours, you know how hard it can be to get it all right.

There are dozens of decisions you need to make each day in order to move you toward your goals and the company's bottom line.

These Are Questions That Define Your Day-to-Day Life And Career

Because they can be the difference between you THRIVING in your life and career or feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and stretched too thin


I'm Matt Phillips

As a Leadership Coach and Mental Toughness Expert helping high-achievers develop into the leaders they know they can be with the impact they should have.  To grow in your career and achieve the results and level you WANT TO!  To help make that dream a reality!

We will help you develop in two distinct, yet aligned areas...1) Leadership - so you separate yourself from every other leader out there, and 2) Mental Toughness - so you handle everything that comes at you with ease, no matter how challenging!

And as for me, not only do I come with experience from a mix of business development, operations, finance, and accounting with Fortune 500 companies around the world, but I am also a former professional baseball player in Austria's Bundesliga and D-1 college baseball player. 

It's Time To Elevate Your Performance To The Elite Pro Level With

For High-Achieving Corporate and Business Leaders, Managers, and Directors who want to harness their mental toughness, develop a rock-solid leadership philosophy and implement the strategies that will allow them to consistently achieve their goals at work and home while taking back their time.

This training program is designed to give you short and actionable coaching on leadership, mental toughness, performance, and more.


“Thought I would share that my I AM statements are coming true and it’s very exciting. Jonathan and I are now married. I got an 8% raise back in January and now I am living in Basalt, CO working remotely for CHA.”

Stephanie F., Healthcare Financial Leader


‚ÄúAs part of the program, my business grew by 40% and I was awarded the top financial advisor in my company. I have developed an even deeper sense of motivation and purpose in both my personal and professional life. Through the intensity and intentionality of Matt's curriculum and his knowledge of both the workings of our mind and body, he has strengthened my resolve and grit.‚ÄĚ

Mark N., Financial Advisor


This Is The Catalyst That Will Enable You To 


Create the momentum that elevates your game and results in the best performance you've experienced so far (I know that's saying a lot!)


Experience a significant positive professional and personal growth that propels you towards your goals faster than ever before


Hone in on your biggest opportunities as a leader so that each day you can better serve those around you


Develop short and long-term initiatives that allow you to stay focused on your goals


Discover how to translate your leadership from theory to action while setting clear expectations for your team, tracking results, and optimizing your performance. 


Build unshakeable confidence, increase your focus, develop emotional control, improve your energy, and learn how to take intentional, consistent action that moves the needle.


“The coaching I’ve gained from Matt has allowed me to be more disciplined in how I use my time throughout the day. I’ve also learned to set better boundaries around what I commit myself to and let others control my time. I’ve learned to better present my thoughts around my growth and recognition for my accomplishments. Lastly, he’s helped me to better outline my leadership philosophy so that I can share it with my managers more articulately."

Ramona F., SVP, Employee Health & Benefits


“I find my time with Matt refreshing as I’m able to discuss the difficulties and challenges I face, without having to feel that having them is a sign of failure.  Thoroughly weekly discussion with Matt it has been exciting to discover what I “Stand” for and my unique leadership style which has helped inspire and motivate my team to achieve better results.  All around my time with Matt affords me the opportunity to learn, develop and grow in my life and work experiences and I’m grateful for this opportunity.”   

Shawn W., Regional Director of Sales

Tap Into Our Expertise And Get The Support You Need So You Can



What You Get Inside

The Content

Monthly Training on Mental Toughness & Leadership Tools. 

Elevating yourself as a leader takes a different mindset, and each month’s Leadership & Mental Toughness training and tools will help you form the habits necessary to break through overwhelm and frustration, keeping you locked in on the important things that drive results.

The Coaching

Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions with Matt Focused on Your Needs

Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us on our weekly group coaching calls (yes…every week), so you can receive ongoing coaching, feedback, support, and accountability that you are seeking.

The Community

Access to “Your People”, an Amazing Community of Like-Minded Leaders.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and that’s why we created our exclusive, private "members only" LinkedIn group, where you can interact with people just like you to share wins, get advice, and find inspiration when you need it most.

Areas of Focus 

You will get access to resources, training videos, worksheets, and coaching focused on a different area so that you move forward and get immediate results.


Develop a rock-solid leadership philosophy and vision that inspires your team to drive it across the finish line.

  • Your Leadership Philosophy: Go from being reactive to becoming proactive as a leader as you shift into forward-thinking so you can get the most out of yourself and your team.
  • The Meeting Mentality: Learn the 5-step methodology to stop wasting time in meetings, get focused, and take advantage of your time wisely.
  • Build Your Stand: Define the principles, values, behaviors, actions, and reactions that determine your daily decisions so you can show up as the leader you were meant to be. 

Mental Toughness

Harness your Mental Toughness so you can effectively move through challenges and confidently step into the light of your greatness.

  • Stack The Cards: Learn how to control your emotions and not let external situations trigger or take control of you so you can stay focused on what matters.
  • Unshakeable Confidence: Learn how to go deeper in your confidence no matter what challenge you face or situation your are up against so that you feel certainty and conviction in your decisions and actions.
  • Crushing Limiting Beliefs: Challenge the beliefs and stories that have been holding you back from the greatness you have been desiring in your life. Uncover your beliefs around leadership, money, relationships, and even your health. 

Maximize Results

Develop and implement the strategy and consistency to achieve your goals at work and at home while taking back your time. 


  • Game Film Review: The greatest pro athletes understand the importance of watching game film, to learn how to look back and make adjustments. Discover how to evaluate and review your own performance to accelerate your results.
  • Power Half Hour: Learn the best strategy to create a routine to help you optimize your day, impact, and results.
  • Intentional Consistent Action: Learn how to consistently move towards your goals with a shift in your approach that allows you to make things happen despite the distractions that might present themselves.

Plus, You Get These Incredible Bonuses

The Momentum Journal

We take a different approach to goal setting than most. Forget the time-consuming approach to setting goals. This unique goal-setting framework and journal will revolutionize the way you set and achieve your goals. This will completely change your focus and performance, enabling you to get results faster than ever before.

Ignite Your Nutrition

Showing up as the best leader requires a tremendous amount of energy, and that’s why Shannon Phillips, Head of Nutrition at Matt Phillips Coaching, will walk you through a proven system to keep your energy high! Just like for elite athletes, high performance requires a proven system to fuel your body…after all, when you eat well, you can perform well!

Swag & Surprises

At different monthly milestones, we will be releasing new bonuses with experts in leadership, sales, mindset, and other areas (Olympians, thought leaders, and more)…and we will mail you some SWAG that you can only access as a member. You will get a physical copy of The Momentum Journal, t-shirts, surprises throughout the year, and MUCH MORE!

The Ultimate Leader's Time Optimization Roadmap

The ultimate resource to help you take back your time and impact as you maximize your results. This system will help you optimize your time, take control of your day, and delegate more so you can win back 5+ hours per week.

The Breakdown:

Monthly Training Videos

Trackers & Planners

Powerful Workbooks

Weekly Group Coaching

Private Community

Resources & Bonuses

Just $97/Month 

Or Pay In Full for the year and I'll GIVE YOU



I have become a better owner of my time and have learned to effectively delegate and set expectations.  Matt has provided the skills and direction to combat bad habits and has helped me gain the confidence to step up amid uncertainty when my voice as a leader is most important.  The returns that Matt has delivered for me personally and professionally far outweigh the minor investment in his services.  I wish I had engaged him during my first few years of leadership!” 

Tom M., Head of Employee Benefits


"Matt has been my coach for the last several months. He has helped me personally and professionally to continue to grow, evolve, and keep things in perspective with a greater sense of gratitude. Matt has a very caring but also direct approach to his coaching style. He’s helped me to hone in on my biggest opportunities as a mother, a daughter, a friend, and a leader to my team so that each day I can get better at serving those around me."

Karen H., EVP Operations


It's Time To Elevate Your Performance To The Elite Pro Level With

For High-Achieving Corporate and Business Leaders and Directors who want to harness their mental toughness, develop a rock-solid leadership philosophy and implement the strategies that will allow them to consistently achieve their goals at work and home.

Pricing Breakdown 

Monthly Membership

$97 per month

(Cancel Anytime)

  • Ongoing Monthly Trainings on leadership and mental toughness that you can actually put into practice to help you stand out from the rest ($2,000 Value)
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Matt to get your real world questions answered...someone else to talk to other than your boss ($2,000 Value)
  • Private High-Performer Community, so you can interact with other leaders and learn from each other (Value: Priceless)
  • Physical copy of The Momentum Journal, THE goal setting tool to help you achieve next level results ($39 Value)
  • BONUS: How To's of Delegation, so you can take more off your plate and get focused in the area where you thrive ($997 Value)
  • BONUS: Ignite Your Nutrition Training, so you show up with a tremendous amount of energy each day ($1,500 Value)
  • Many, many more BONUSES that you can take advantage of to elevate your leadership potential!!

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