Testimonials & Success Stories


“Through a coordinated plan, I have transformed a struggling $40M region to one of the top performing regions in the company.  Organic growth has tripled from the prior year while delivering a 30% increase in margins.  Matt’s techniques have not only showed dividends in my abilities as a leader, but have impacted how my leadership team collaborates with each other and how they interact with their teams .  They are bought-in to our vision, as we move at a record pace through our well-coordinated plan.  

I have become a better owner of my time and have learned to effectively delegate and set expectations.  Matt has provided the skills and direction to combat bad habits and has helped me gain the confidence to step-up amid uncertainty, when my voice as a leader is most important.  The returns that Matt has delivered for me personally and professionally far outweigh the minor investment in his services.  I wish I had engaged him during my first few years of leadership!” 

Tom M., EVP, Employee Benefits

“I’ve worked with Matt for almost a year.  The coaching I’ve gained from him has allowed me to be more disciplined in how I use my time throughout the day.  I’ve also learned to set better boundaries around what I commit myself to do and letting others control my time.  Not allowing everyone else’s emergencies become my emergencies and then not having the time I need to be strategic and work on the business(not always in the business).  I’ve learned to better present my thoughts around my growth and recognition for my accomplishments.  Lastly, he’s helped me to better outline my leadership philosophy so that I can share it with my managers more articulately.

 I’ve really enjoyed our time together Matt and I can’t thank you for all that you’ve done for me."

Ramona F., SVP, Employee Health & Benefits

"I’ve been working with Matt for 5 months. Dedicating the time to work on my leadership philosophy with his guidance has meant I see the improvement in my approach to work on an almost daily basis.  How I tackle team coaching and development has really come into focus for me and my team have noticed it too."

Paul M., SVP, Business Insurance

“As part of the program, my business grew by 40% in 2018 and I was awarded the top financial advisor in my company. I have developed an even deeper sense of motivation and purpose in both my personal and professional life. Through the intensity and intentionality of Matt's curriculum and his knowledge of both the workings of our mind and body, he has strengthened my resolve and grit.”

Mark N., Financial Advisor

“Every interaction we have is filled with clarity around purpose, in which he brings thought-provoking questions, strategies to achieve desired goals and actionable items. His business and coaching experiences together with his passion to unleash mental toughness in each person, are the ingredients one need to succeed in business and in life. I leave each session empowered to keep pushing my business forward and subsequently live a more meaningful life. Highly recommend Matt's program if you are looking to have powerful results!”

Bianca V., Business Owner

“Thought I would share that my I AM statements are coming true and it’s very exciting. Jonathan and I are now married. I got an 8% raise back in January and now I am living in Basalt, CO working remotely for CHA.”

Stephanie F., Healthcare Financial Leader

"After the program ended, I felt absolutely and completely empowered!  I am still applying the principles I learned on a daily basis at work and also at home.   For me, this was literally a life-changing experience, and I would strongly recommend Ignite Your Mindset to anyone who would like to make some positive changes in their life.  

My new mindset and positive attitude enabled me to get out of my personal & professional downward spiral. As a result of getting back into shape and walking with my wife in the mornings before work, we spent nearly 30 hours cleaning up a walking path near our home-  more energy and a better attitude led me to take action.    I probably would not have agreed to do this a year ago in my previous frame of mind.” 

Bob R., Sales Leader

"Matt has been my executive coach for the last several months. He has helped me personally and professionally to continue to grow, evolve and to keep things in perspective with a greater sense of gratitude. Matt has a very caring but also direct approach to his coaching style. He’s helped me to hone in on my biggest opportunities as a mother, a daughter, a friend and a leader to my team so that each day I can get better at serving those around me."

Karen H., EVP Operations

“On a personal note, I found it very beneficial and know that it’s been missing from my life and perhaps that is why I’ve struggled with maintaining healthy boundaries and not overloading myself. I’m a very strong person, but realizing that there’s just as much strength in saying “no” as there is in saying “yes”…and that it’s for others’ benefit as much as it is for mine. Repeating it for the 15 million takes (slightly exaggerating) has helped me almost memorize it. I want it burned into my brain so I am fully that person going forward. I mean after all you’re supposed to be the “leading lady” in your own life for crying out loud.”

Amber T., SVP Human Resources

“I find my time with Matt refreshing as I’m able to discuss the difficulties and challenges I face, without having to feel that having them is a sign of failure.  Thoroughly weekly discussion with Matt it has been exciting to discover what I “Stand” for and my unique leadership style which has helped inspire and motivate my team to achieve better results.  All around my time with Matt affords me the opportunity to learn, develop and grow in my life and work experiences and I’m grateful the leadership at FirstOnSite has provided me this opportunity.”   

Shawn W., Regional Director of Sales

The biggest benefit of the program is, “...having dedicated time just to be able to focus on myself.  It recharges me. I come away motivated with new ideas and new energy.”

Ramesh C., IT Consulting COO

“Since joining the program, my productivity is up 115%.” 

Justin B., Financial Advisor

 “I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Phillips, Founder and CEO of Pro Athlete Advantage, weekly for most of 2022. Our company has tripled in size over the last several years to thousands of employees, and as EVP of Sales, the pace in which our sales program operates has been critical. Matt’s experience and perspective has been an invaluable tool in staying ahead of the game. I personally endorse Pro Athlete Advantage as an executive coach, and an influence within any organization. Matt’s perspective has been an informative, helpful, and solution based experience for me personally. 

We have also had the luxury of the program’s influence with many of our Sales Management Groups within the organization. They have relied on Matt weekly as well. We are seeing leaders emerge with confidence, mental toughness, and the ability to prioritize with a heightened entrepreneurial spirit.  

Thank you to Pro Athlete Advantage and Matt Phillips, for the insightful curriculum you have offered myself and our teams.”

Chris W., EVP Sales

“I do want to thank you for the time we spent together.  I am so grateful for your coaching and the help and support you gave me during an unprecedented time in my career. Your encouragement was extremely motivating to me and ultimately gave me the confidence I needed to make a change.  I carry my Momentum Journal, complete with my notes from our sessions, and refer to it on a daily basis.   I have continued with my Film Review!  I also have looked back at my Leadership Philosophy and am working on revising it.  I was truly moved by a few specific colleagues that shared with me the impact that I had on them while at MMA.  Their words meant the world to me.  You should know that I  attribute some of that success to you and your coaching!”

Liz B., COO of Leading Insurance Broker

“I have to say though that it really has been a great experience overall with Matt. His personal style easily made me comfortable from minute one. His communication style is consistent and relatable. The program itself is paced well and the modules are meaningful. He is direct and does challenge me, which I thrive from.

I am sincerely looking forward to continuing on with Matt and hope that opportunity continues to be available.”

Rob C., VP of Client Services

“Matt's expertise in coaching around both my professional and personal life have been instrumental in taking me to the next level. His content is very practical and I never leave each month without great strategies and actions to implement. I would highly recommend partnering with Matt to help you accomplish your goals.”

Alec Q., Financial Advisor

“I have truly enjoyed being a part of the community! If you are looking to be a part of a group of like minded individuals who are seeking to expand their impact and influence personally and professionally, then this is a great group to join. Matt leads this organization with high energy and strong integrity. I've benefited greatly from the relationships formed, content learned, and discussions had regarding personal and professional growth with my Squad.”

Kristin U., Senior Talent Development Manager

“I must say, doing this has turned my whole outlook around. For example, I would normally think to myself “your stupid, you are not smart enough for this.….” (which is a pretty common theme for me). So instead, I would think to myself, “hey, you might not be 100% correct, but you attempted it and that in itself is a success because you learned something new by finding out WHAT is correct. That does not make you stupid, it makes you smarter than you were yesterday.” This is one of many examples I learned from this month’s exercise and for that, Thank you!”

Lori P., Lead Administrative Assistant

“I am happy to report that I had a pretty big attitude shift after our conversation and just that little nugget about offering ‘listening’ to the people around me was really a game changer in putting me back with wanting to engage with people. Because I can definitely offer that! And my own confidence was restored with remembering all that God has done and has yet to do in my life and those around me and that I’m pretty BA on a lot of levels."

Crystal C., Director of Operations

“I have been a part of a variety of leadership training programs over my career and have found Matt to be one of the best.  I appreciate his conversational approach to our discussions and he has helped challenge me to be a better leader and better person.  He is a great listener and is able to understand the context of my comments and able to provide strategic feedback.  Lastly, he does a nice job of providing motivation on top of my own personal drive to be successful.” 

Paul F., Senior Vice President Industrial/Manufacturing Sales

“Matt has been my executive coach for the last six months. Matt has a compassionate but also focused approach to his coaching. I found it very helpful and know that it’s been missing from my professional development. Also, the coaching has shifted my perspective in numerous ways that have enabled me to be a better leader. It helps that he’s an incredible listener and can steer you in a better path of decision making."

  Amanda M., Senior Vice President - Multifamily

“Trust is a word tossed around a lot and working with Matt defines what it means. As a sales executive, being able to express yourself to someone you trust, not hold back and in return, receive straight forward, concise, well thought out responses! From the beginning, I always look forward to speaking with Matt to better myself and my business. Finally to have someone from outside my business world to talk with has been a welcomed experience! ”

David E., Sales Executive

I was in leadership at large law firms for 25+ years and am now an EVP at a billion dollar a year restoration company. I have never before been afforded the type of training that Matt has so capably provided to me and the others in our company over the past year.  He brings to the table valuable insights and experience regarding the attributes of a capable leader.  Matt studied our business sector, took time to get to know our company’s leadership team, and expertly extracted from his interactions with us information he needed to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses.  The exercises he employed were efficient and effective.


Armed with feedback from our exercises and regular communications, Matt then collaborated with us to identify techniques for us to utilize in our respective leadership roles.   It is worth pointing out that our company had been in a state of rapid growth and engaged in significant restructuring of our sales and operational teams.  Matt became a wonderful sounding board and resource for navigating some tense and difficult times.  I would recommend him, without reservation, to any company that wishes to sharpen the tools in their leadership ranks.”

Chris T., EVP Insurance Sales

“I started working with Matt Phillips as an executive coach earlier this year.  I have worked as a sales professional for around 18 years and now transitioning into a sales leader for my company.  He has helped me learn how to delegate to my team and hold people more accountable.  Our company is also going through a lot of transition so he has really helped me regarding how to handle change and remain positive during some challenging times this past year.  I feel I may have not made it through our transition as well without his weekly guidance and encouragement.  He has also helped me learn many new strategies and skills that will help me in my career for years to come.  Thank you Matt for always listening, encouraging, and continuing to look out for my best interest in my life and career.”

Kristy K., SVP Facilities Sales

“I have been working closely with Matt for close to 10 months.  He has been instrumental in helping me become a better leader in my professional life and a better husband and father in my personal life.  Matt’s perspective on the world and how each of us can not only fit into it, but thrive within it was a breath of fresh air.  I have become more motivated to become a better person and help those around be become better people as well.  I would recommend Matt’s training to colleagues as well as friends and family.” 

Jason B., SVP Healthcare Sales


“Matt has been an unparalleled asset to both my professional and personal growth. Matt has immersed himself into our company’s culture making him a wonderful sounding board and mentor. I consistently leave our weekly meetings feeling challenged and inspired to do better, not only for myself, but my team. His comforting demeanor in addition to his thought provoking tasks and questions have helped me reevaluate and improve upon many challenges that are often presented in leadership. My sales career has spanned over three decades with many mentors across the way and I can wholeheartedly say that Matt’s approach is the most genuine and impactful thus far. Thank you Matt for helping me be the best leader I can be!”


Jeff D., SVP Retail

I used to journal when I was a kid and wasn’t really sure I wanted to take the time, or even had the time, to start it up again.  The Momentum Journal in Matt’s program has been one of the big game changers for me.  I’ve enjoyed focusing on the business and personal areas that I want to improve and grow in.  I look forward to updating the journal every day and every week.  It’s helped me to build consistency, intention and great habits that I need to be the best citizen, leader, coworker, spouse, mother, and friend.  I also value the weekly coaching sessions with Matt and the monthly modules that build on each other.  Thank you, Matt, for your encouragement, support, and guidance to achieving my goals both personally and professionally."

Robin D., Senior Vice President - Government Sales

"I have been in a leadership role for more than 5 years now and Matt has been instrumental in the newest phase of my leadership journey.  Matt’s approach is personalized and thoughtful; he works with you to understand your strengths and opportunities, while both challenging and encouraging you to step outside of your preconceived ideas in order to create more opportunity for reflection, connection and action.  He has been both a cheerleader and a disruptor, ensuring that I didn’t get stuck in “my way” and really defined the type of leader I want to be and making sure that is what others experienced of me.  As a leader, it is invaluable when you are able to show up for your colleagues in a way that resonates with them, creates trust and helps propel them forward.  Matt helped me to create a stronger connection between my intentions and my actions, strengthening my resolve and elevating my confidence in my effectiveness.

Cristy L., SVP Business Service Group

“I had the privilege to work with Matt Phillip. He introduced me to his very effective concepts, models, and techniques that had a transformational impact on my day-to-day work and greatly helped me to further scale our organization as a Leader. I would highly recommend Matt’s concepts to any leader looking to impact their organization.”

 Justyn S., Regional Director of Sales - West

I had the pleasure of working with Matt over the last 6 months for some personal and professional coaching.  I really enjoyed our conversations and walked away with a better understanding of myself and how to best communicate with those around me.  Matt has a great sense of humor and is very enlightening and inspiring.  There is not a topic that he wasn’t able to help give me a fresh perspective and better insight on. I learned some great tools from Matt during our sessions together that I will forever take with me throughout my career. 

 Katie C.,  Account Executive, Employee Health & Benefits

"Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity to work with Matt on my leadership development. As new leader with a growing team, our time together has been an enormous help as I manage through various challenges and opportunities that have come up. Matt has also helped me gain confidence and perspective on how my contributions support the broader organizational goals and to not be so tough on myself when things are not perfect. A difficult mindset to shift for a recovering perfectionist. He has empowered me to see that if I can be effective 99.5% of the time, those small blips that come up can be resolved easily and do not diminish any of the other accomplishments I have achieved. I feel more empowered to take on any new challenges, both personally and professionally, and am beyond appreciative of the support, advice and encouragement Matt has provided to me."

 Savannah C.,  Administrative Services Manager