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Elite Level Leadership Coaching and Mental Toughness Expert

Meet Matt Phillips

Matt is a Leadership Coach and Mental Toughness Expert helping high-achievers develop into the leaders they know they can be with the impact they should have, without sacrificing their personal life and energy to make that a reality. 

Matt is a leading authority on the topic of Mental Toughness, Leadership, and High-Performance. He is also a former professional baseball player in Austria’s Bundesliga (first league).

Combined with his extensive experience in operations, finance, and accounting with Fortune 500 companies around the world, Matt's tactics and methodology will have a massive impact on you and your performance. He will no doubt leave you with a unique and worldly perspective due to living and working in the United States, Austria, and Switzerland.  

Through keynote speaking, workshops, mastermind groups, executive 2.5 day events, and one-on-one coaching with corporate executives, Matt helps each group to implement mental toughness and leadership skills that will grow each individual’s and team’s mindset for success. 


Interview Topics

Implementing Mental Toughness

Growing Your Leadership Skills

Creating Winning Mindsets

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