I'm Matt Phillips

At Pro Athlete Advantage, we help high-achieving leaders elevate to pro level performance, and harness their mental toughness to maximize their results both at work and at home.


I'm Matt Phillips

At Pro Athlete Advantage, we help high-achieving leaders elevate to pro level performance, harness their mental toughness and maximize their results both at work and at home.




This is my story

As a former professional baseball player in Austria’s Bundesliga (first league) and Division-1 baseball player in the United States, I realized that peak performance requires a dominant “inner game” - but the way I learned this was unexpected.

You see, I had an incredible career and, on paper, I had it all. I was working with a Fortune 500 company and at the top of my game. I had a fantastic job, a good salary, working with great people - but internally, I was miserable. I was bored, out of shape and things weren’t great at home because I was so unhappy at work. I literally felt like I was settling when there was much more to achieve (even my nice salary could not make it better). 

I knew I was made for more

Couple that with the fact that I KNEW (deep into the deepest part of my soul) that there was something bigger that I could do, that I should be doing.  In my career, I was always seeking the “next thing” and nothing felt like enough. I felt stuck and I knew that my overall potential was un-tapped and under-utilized. And this began what led me here today…one decision that changed everything.

You see, I have always loved personal and leadership development and had learned a ton.  And guess what, I finally decided to take action on all the things I learned. I took responsibility for myself and realized that I was the one holding myself back from having the life I truly desired. 

I finally had an epiphany during my career when I realized that if I want to discover what is truly possible, with my career, relationships, spiritually...in every area of life...that it was time to start digging in and re-training my brain and mindset. I realized that I could leverage all the mental toughness training I had as an athlete. I discovered that it was my mindset that was holding me back, just like what happens with athletes. 

Our Winning Methodology

I built my methodology from scratch. I have tested everything I teach and coach on today, weeding out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve extensively studied and teach the neuroscience behind the concepts as well (shifting them from woo-woo to real), and take great pride in this.  To this day, I continue my personal quest for learning and growth, and then I get to turn around and teach you.

Fast forward 10 years, I have been fortunate now to do keynote speaking, 1-on-1 coaching, workshops, run mastermind groups, and now the Elite High-Performance Leadership Membership with amazing leaders, companies and brands, including Marsh McLennan, Western Union, Hitachi, Brown & Brown Insurance, Lockton, First Onsite, CRESA, Empower Retirement, Mutual of Omaha, and many others.

Our Team

Each team member is integral to the success of our mission to build high performance teams and mentally tough leaders around the world.

Shannon Phillips

Head Of Nutrition

Shannon is Head of Nutrition at Pro Athlete Advantage and a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner.  She is also a Certified High-Performance Coach with Pro Athlete Advantage and in the past has run women-only mastermind groups.

Shannon runs nutrition workshops at companies and provides 1-on-1 nutrition coaching.  And she also has built an online nutrition program that you can get as part of our Elite High Performance Leadership Membership.  Want to perform well?  It starts with what you eat.  

Lauren Cabe

Head of Operations & Member Engagement 

She is driven to wake up every morning and make a positive impact and change in people’s lives. Working in the Outdoor Industry her whole career has brought her many experiences that will be impactful and useful at Pro Athlete Advantage. Lauren is the head of operations and member engagement at Pro Athlete Advantage.  She is not only our go to in ensuring things run smoothly behind the scenes, but she's also the one focused each day on ensuring the experience for the members of the Elite High Performance Leadership Membership program is top-notch.

Kevin Remsen

Board Of Advisors

Kevin is a key member of the Pro Athlete Advantage Board of Advisors, advising the team in matters concerning strategic direction, hiring, and expansion efforts. 

Kevin is a successful leader in the building materials industry. Kevin knows the importance of hiring the right people and has a proven track record of building winning teams with powerful cultures. Kevin has over two decades of leadership experience and knows that excellent results are driven by excellent people. His specialties are leadership and process improvement. 

What We Do

Leadership Development

We Help You Develop A Rock-Solid Leadership Philosophy And Vision That Inspires Your Team To Drive It Across The Finish Line

Mental Toughness

We Empower You To Harness Your Mental Toughness So You Can Effectively Move Through Challenges And Confidently Step Into The Light Of Your Greatness

Maximize Results

We Show You How To Develop And Implement The Strategy And Consistency To Achieve Your Goals At Work And Home While Taking Back Your Time

How We Can Work Together


Press & Keynotes

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