The Matt Phillips Podcast for Sales Leaders Trailer

Hi, I'm Matt Phillips. Welcome to the Matt Phillips podcast. I am on a mission to help sales managers and leaders make more money, save time, and become kick ass leaders of their sales team. My goal is to help you be the best boss you can possibly be by teaching you how to manage your sales team so that they do the work for you instead of having to do it yourself! It's going to be hard work at first, but once your team starts taking care of themselves, you'll start seeing results using my tools and tactics! 

In this trailer episode, we are here to share what The Matt Phillips Podcast is all about, including:

  • Give you the tools and tactics to help you build a well-oiled sales machine and teach you mental toughness. 
  • Teach you to show up confident, focused, emotionally in control and ready to energize your team.
  • Get you ready to grow as a leader at work and at home and master your mindset.

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