Matt Phillips Coaching: What We Do…and How We Do It

The quality of your leadership will determine the effectiveness of your sales team…and the level of sales that they achieve. And, when combined with our secret sauce (read below), you’ll be able to do amazing things with your team.

On this week's The Matt Phillips Podcast episode, Matt goes solo to talk about how his company helps you maximize your sales results by developing your leadership skills and harnessing your mental toughness so that you can take control of every situation and come out on top. He will also discuss the techniques he used to help people who struggle with sales, including how to overcome the challenges and confidently step into greatness.  

Matt will touch on topics such as:

  • How you can make a transition from an individual contributor or salesperson to managing people and a sales team. 
  • What having a leadership philosophy actually means and how to set one
  • How can you set expectations properly and track metrics on how to make sure that you are showing up as the best leader possible
  • How focusing on the one true differentiator in literally every area of life, mental toughness, will help you go from pretender to the real deal.  
  • The five components you must understand to make you a Mentally Tough Leader!

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