Leading With Your Why – Why It Matters

There’s one thing you must focus on, no matter if things are going well or not…your WHY!  This is the secret ingredient to making your sales, business, and life worth it and keep you on track towards making a difference in the world. 

On this week's episode, Matt goes solo to talk about how important your WHY is to keep you driven and keep going when things get tough along the way. He will also discuss his WHY and how he was able to help people and be able to make a difference in their lives, and how this drives him every day to be better as a person and entrepreneur. 

Matt will touch on topics such as: 

  • When things get tough, you have to believe that your WHY is even more critically important, because it's that reminder of why you do what you do and how to reset and refocus yourself to achieve what you wanna achieve in this life.
  • How we are all put on this earth for a very specific reason and we all have these God-given gifts and talents to impact others.
  • How we all have this opportunity in front of us. It's not just something that we can choose to do, but it's something that we all share.

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