Breaking Through Procrastination

Perhaps you are having some trouble persuading yourself to do the things you should or would like to do.  Perhaps you are trying to find ways to motivate yourself and others to stop pushing things off.   Yes, you are fighting procrastination.  

A lot of times we hear that procrastination is a matter of laziness and or lack of self discipline, but actually, it’s not. 

On this week's “The Matt Phillips Podcast” episode, Matt goes solo to talk about how to stop procrastinating and figure out how to improve your productivity. He will also talk about the philosophy behind why we procrastinate, share some proven techniques you can use to beat procrastination, and discuss useful strategies that will make things easier for you to take action. 

Matt will touch on such topics as:  

  • Understanding what procrastination actually is.
  • How understanding what’s going on in between your ears is the biggest thing that you need to work on.  
  • How to overcome the mountain of a story that you’ve made up in your head.
  • Analyzing your to-do list, so you can challenge yourself to accomplish it.  
  • As you challenge yourself, remember the past, and take action - this will definitely benefit you personally, your company and the team.
  • How can the Momentum Journal help you in your procrastination.

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