Leadership Lessons with Shannon Alfonso, CEO of MMA Florida

As a leader, have you ever asked yourself “How can I create an impact and build the right environment to create amazing leaders within my company?” “How do you get a team to commit to success and align with a common goal?”

In this week's The Matt Phillips Podcast episode, Matt interviews Shannon Alfonso, President and the CEO of Marsh McLennan Agency in Florida. As CEO, she oversees eight offices with 350 regional colleagues and has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry.  Not only is she on the executive leadership committee for the broader Marsh McLennan Agency, but she is also heavily involved in the United Way and has a huge heart for her people, for her organization, and for the clients that she works with. 

In this episode, Matt and Shannon will be talking about leadership, sales, and her unique journey on how she got into the sales industry. They will also talk about how you, as a leader, should lead by example, and take steps to improve your own emotional awareness that will help overcome the challenges within your team. 

They  will touch on such topics as:  

  • The best leadership advice Shannon ever received and how she uses it today.
  • How to approach your team the right way, even when you don’t get along with them.
  • How to learn from your employees' mistakes, and help them grow and develop as an individual. 
  • How to set aside your emotions during a difficult situation or conversation with your employees.
  • Why leaders struggle in asking clarifying questions. 
  • How to build a relationship with a team and communicate in vulnerable and meaningful conversations.
  • How you show up as a leader creates an impact and an environment to develop future leaders.

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