12-Month Mastermind & Coaching Program To Achieve Peak Performance And Fulfillment Surrounded By Top C-Suite Leaders Craving Connection and Intention.


I see you, high-achiever...

You have always been the best of the best at what you do, but the truth is that it feels lonely at the top.

Despite all of your success, you know you have it in you to make BIG change happen, but you don't want to keep on sacrificing your personal life or having to choose what to focus on right now.

You are struggling to manage it all and to stay on top of your game.

You want to be surrounded with an elite group of people that understand your pressures while you focus on deeper fulfillment, growth and joy.

You want a high-level mentorship, strategy and mindset that will push you closer to your vision of success.



You Want To Be Part Of Something Bigger That Will Enable You To



Develop the emotional control necessary to channel your emotions into the actions that will propel you forward and not hold you back



Learn to compartmentalize issues, gain a new perspective on them, and take appropriate action to move past them quickly like never before



Use neuroscience to truly unlock your potential while you use your brain to your advantage and get the focus you need at the highest levels of leadership



Gain the clarity to understand where you are going now that you have reached the top, and how to connect to your deeper purpose and passion



Surround yourself with top-of-the-top high-achieving leaders like you who will push you to next-level greatness




It's your time to turn your next-level impact and vision into your reality. We're here to make sure you achieve pro level performance and true freedom.

“Through a coordinated plan, I have transformed a struggling $40M region to one of the top performing regions in the company.  Organic growth has tripled from the prior year while delivering a 30% increase in margins.  Matt’s techniques have not only showed dividends in my abilities as a leader, but have impacted how my leadership team collaborates with each other and how they interact with their teams .  They are bought-in to our vision, as we move at a record pace through our well-coordinated plan.  

I have become a better owner of my time and have learned to effectively delegate and set expectations.  Matt has provided the skills and direction to combat bad habits and has helped me gain the confidence to step-up amid uncertainty, when my voice as a leader is most important.  The returns that Matt has delivered for me personally and professionally far outweigh the minor investment in his services.  I wish I had engaged him during my first few years of leadership!” 

Tom M., Head of Employee Benefits, Leading North American Insurance Broker


Our Main Areas Of Focus

Leadership Development

We Help You Develop A Rock-Solid Leadership Philosophy And Vision That Inspires Your Team To Drive It Across The Finish Line

Mental Toughness

We Empower You To Harness Your Mental Toughness So You Can Effectively Move Through Challenges And Confidently Step Into Greatness

Maximize Results

We Show You How To Develop And Implement The Strategy And Consistency To Achieve Your Goals At Work And Home While Taking Back Your Time

“On a personal note, I found it very beneficial and know that it’s been missing from my life and perhaps that is why I’ve struggled with maintaining healthy boundaries and not overloading myself. I’m a very strong person, but realizing that there’s just as much strength in saying “no” as there is in saying “yes”…and that it’s for others’ benefit as much as it is for mine. Repeating it for the 15 million takes (slightly exaggerating) has helped me almost memorize it. I want it burned into my brain so I am fully that person going forward. I mean after all you’re supposed to be the “leading lady” in your own life for crying out loud.”

Amber T., Senior Vice President, Talent Management. World's Largest Insurance Broker

Program Overview

3 destination trips per year with this exclusive group of 10 C-Suite leaders

Monthly 1:1 coaching for ongoing feedback, support, and accountability

Quarterly group coaching calls with this exclusive group of 10 C-Suite leaders

World-class Destination Trips

3 destination trips per year with this exclusive group of 10 C-Suite leaders

On these trips, you get to fully check out, dive deep into leadership and mental toughness and have the space you need to think

Miami, FL

Phoenix, AZ

San Diego, CA

What to expect

Leadership development + mental toughness + situational training, including related worksheets, workbooks, journals, and other items to really help you take your leadership to the next level
Special guest speakers at each retreat, including Olympians, pro athletes, Navy Seals, thought leaders, business experts, and more to help magnify your experience
Customized surprise gifts throughout the year from our exclusive partners, because everyone loves gifts, and we are here to take care of you and give you a world-class experience
Workouts and other activities built to help you push your limits and explode results as we amplify your vitality and energy
Networking with others in the program with your community of like-minded C-Suite executives to help you expand your horizons
Lodging, activities, and food are included…just get to the destination and we will take care of you until you fly home!

Our Exclusive Bonuses

Access to The Ultimate Time Optimization Roadmap, our online course designed to make you a master of your time and efficiency

Nutrition Consulting with our Head of Nutrition twice per year so you can ensure you eat right to perform at the level you need to

12-month access to The Elite High-Performance Leadership Membership, our online membership program where you can continue your growth and development all year long

1 Sleep consultation with one of the leading sleep experts in the world, to master your sleep so you can optimize your energy and performance

Keynote speech - To get your team fired up, Matt will provide 1 keynote speech to your company and team

Virtual Kick-off party prior to our first trip…a little surprise coming your way to kick this off!

5 free memberships to The Elite High Performance Leadership Membership to give out to co-workers and teammates

Annual workout app subscription, so you can stay in shape throughout the year