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Great sales and leadership teams combine incredible Leadership Skills with the Mental Toughness necessary to handle whatever comes their way.  Matt Phillips will teach your sales managers and leaders how to implement both of those key components. Through 1:1 coaching, online programs, workshops, keynote speeches, and more, we are here to help create a customized plan for your leadership team to get next-level results.

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Customized Corporate Programs

1:1 Coaching

Listen, we all need help in our professional and personal lives (that's exactly why even Matt has a leadership coach).  Coaching is all about gaining perspective, accountability, strategy, becoming the leader you were meant to be, and MENTAL TOUGHNESS!  And that's exactly why we combine three areas in our coaching:  LEADERSHIP + MENTAL TOUGHNESS + SITUATIONAL COACHING...a powerful formula to help you show up the best leader and your best self.  If you feel like it's time to take it to the next level and you want someone to come alongside you to accelerate that growth, reach out today, and let's get rolling!  



Our workshop programs are customized for your leaders, leadership teams, and sales teams, helping them show up as the greatest leaders possible, day in and day out.  By learning to harness the tools within our 5-Step "Ignite Your Mindset" process, and getting clear on building and implementing their unique Leadership Philosophy, your leaders will be ready to handle whatever comes their way, keep your team motivated and moving in the right direction, and create a culture that is second to none.  Matt will work directly with your team to customize the workshop approach, timing, and topics to ensure a successful workshop program and outcome.


Keynote Speeches

If you are looking to pump some energy and fire into your team, then Matt is the person to help!  Your team and company's success begins and ends with your mindset. Whether you are looking to grow your business and build amazing teams, your achievement is directly correlated to the strength of your employees' mental and emotional resiliency. Matt will educate and inspire your teams to implement the mental toughness skills that will grow each team member's mindset for success, both professionally and personally. 


Online Program

It's time to take your entire company’s Leadership and Mental Toughness to the next level!  This online training program has been holistically designed to help your team show up as the leader they know they can be, break through the roadblocks that naturally arise in their daily grind, and provide them the training and coaching needed to keep them accountable and moving forward.  Not only do you get the monthly in-depth training modules, but you become part of our community of like-minded individuals and get weekly coaching with Matt!


 C-Suite Mastermind

Running a company can be challenging, and your C-Suite executives need help!  We have built an exclusive C-Suite Mastermind where your executives will receive the coaching and community to take their results to the next level.  Not only do we take three destination trips per year, but your executives will also receive 1-on-1 and group coaching throughout the year, along with many, many other things. 


It would be no exaggeration to say that things just keep getting better! I truly look forward to our weekly team meeting. This week we all made good strides in behavior changes. We spoke about where we are struggling and offered insight and suggestions to each other to help. One colleague who has been depressed and worried about his job actually was able to go talk to his boss and let her know how he was feeling. He left their meeting feeling encouraged and renewed. He was in a totally different frame of mind yesterday and his head was held high. We all let him know how proud we were of his decision to talk with his boss to change the negative into a positive."


"This is truly life-changing and we are all helping each other to succeed and grow." 

Employees of IHS-Markit


Results You Can Expect

  • Maximize individual and team performance by building confidence, focus, emotional control, and energy
  • Learn to push past limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and other fears to achieve next-level performance
  • Build a team that becomes focused on accountability, alignment, and commitment to achieve your goals
  • Learn how to communicate and collaborate on a deeper level with your team in order to achieve a greater result
  • Increase ownership in driving results and delivery under pressure 

We look forward to connecting with you to see how we can help grow your leaders!  In order to help us set up a meeting, please fill out the following items and we will reach out to you within 24-48 hours.

Delivery Options

Matt Phillips

Matt will travel to your offices around the world to deliver the program to your leaders and team.


For certain leaders in your company, you may want Matt to deliver the content, while a wider delivery is possible through the Train-the-Trainer model.

Train The Trainer

We will certify your team to successfully launch the program within your own company.

I’ve been working with Matt for 5 months. Dedicating the time to work on my leadership philosophy with his guidance has meant I see the improvement in my approach to work on an almost daily basis.  How I tackle team coaching and development has really come into focus for me and my team has noticed it too. 

Paul M., SVP Business Insurance, World's Largest Insurance Broker

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